These rankings were started by Tim Judge at the University of Florida around 2002, with the assistance of Amir Erez, Jeff LePine, and Jason Colquitt. Known initially as the University of Florida Rankings, they synthesized the publications of Association of American Universities (AAU) schools in the eight top-tier journals in Management.

University of Florida/Texas A&M Rankings

Around 2006, Brad Kirkman at Texas A&M University partnered with Tim Judge to expand the rankings to include all North American universities with at least one publication in any of the eight top-tier journals. The rankings were then re-branded the University of Florida/Texas A&M Rankings.

Texas A&M Rankings

Around 2011, Tim Judge transitioned to the University of Notre Dame and Brad Kirkman moved to North Carolina State University. For the next three years, the rankings were compiled by Brad Kirkman and Jason Colquitt, who had moved to the University of Georgia. The rankings became known simply as the Texas A&M Rankings during this time period. The rankings were taken over by Cindy Zapata in 2014, as she transitioned to Texas A&M from Georgia Tech.

TAMUGA Rankings

The current iteration of the rankings represents a collaboration between Texas A&M and the University of Georgia. The TAMUGA Rankings focus on U.S. departments of Management and allow for filtering and sorting by public vs. private, conference, region, and faculty size. As in all previous iterations, rankings are available for a given calendar year or as a five-year total.

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